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Training through a pandemic and the winter

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Swimming an average of five times a week throughout the winter, with all the COVID restrictions, has proved challenging but not impossible for the brave Marvels. With water temperatures hitting 0.5 degrees in the New Year, they have doggedly sailed forth, swimming in local lakes and in the river Thames, sometimes only managing a four minute dip in the extreme cold! With water so close to freezing point ice was lapping at the edges, it has been important to stay safe and not overdo it.  Hot water bottles, dry robes and flasks at the ready, this crazy crew have persisted in their training, waiting patiently for warmer weather and longer swims. However, there are huge advantages to winter swimming – the peace and quiet, breathtaking landscapes, early sunsets and moonlit swims, the ‘bite’ of the cold water, no duck fleas and no boats! Roll on summer but we will be sad to leave the close camaraderie and gentleness of those winter forays behind us for another year.

The most important part of cold water swimming – tea and the warm up April 2021.

In the snow at Medmenham April 2021

Vicky and Lee showcase our new Marvels swim hats! Shiplake March 2021.

Vicky and Rebecca at the Pot March 2021.

Vicky and Lee at Shiplake March 2021.

Marika and Vicky Marsh lock late February 2021.

Liz training in the snow up north – now thats commitment Jan 2021

And proof Liz actually got in in Jan 2021

Floods at the Flower Pot, Aston early 2021.

So cold you gotta wear a woolly hat!! New Year 2021.

Oh no!! Mud…..Alaine and Rebecca late 2020.

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