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Where it all started…

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This is where it all started…..

The Thames Marvels were born from the Henley Open Water Swimming Club or HOWSC, where 5 of us are members, Liz heralds from further north, but despite the distance is inextricably wedded to the team through our shared love of open water swimming, and of course this challenge. The team were initially inspired by the Henley Mermaids, another relay team of 5 stellar women who managed to conquer the English Channel in under 18 hours in July 2020.

Through several discussions, we began putting a team together in June 2020, during the pandemic, and so the Thames Marvels came to be. Miraculously our names spell MARVEL – Marika, Alaine, Rebecca, Vicky, Elizabeth and Lee. How cool is that! 

Apart from one younger team member, the rest of us are all in our 50’s,  proof that age is just a state of mind.  We have all had our own individual challenges, and have all been through a tough 12 months, as has everyone else, this challenge has certainly united us, and given us a focus and a sense of purpose that has propelled us all through these difficult times.

We are all hugely excited for our Channel Relay swim, and look forward to our journey together as a team as we prepare ourselves, we hope you will all enjoy the journey with us.

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