The lure of the open water and an exciting challenge for a relevant cause has drawn six brave women together for an English Channel relay swim some time towards the end of June/early July 2021.


The Thames Marvels will attempt to swim in costumes (no wetsuits allowed) across the busiest shipping lane in the world, encountering jellyfish, unsettled weather, flotsam and jetsam, choppy waters and tide changes as they go.


Marika, Alaine, Rebecca, Vicky, Elizabeth (Liz) and Lee have taken up the challenge of battling it out on the choppy seas to raise money for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. This charity was started by the family of Charlie Waller who had depression and took his own life in 1997; they specialise in educating young people and those responsible for them about mental health and well being, which is particularly relevant in these troubled times. They have become one of the most well known and respected mental health charities in the UK and they aim to further reduce the stigma that still exists around mental health.

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"If it doesn't challenge you - It doesn't change you"